Living with the Condition

A number of the symptoms of Friedreichs Ataxia can be treated. It is usual for a Neurologist to help in making the initial diagnosis and, during periods of review, to arrange suitable treatments and therapies. These would include cardiac assessments, orthopedic treatments, physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, counseling and the advice of social workers. Ataxia Ireland may be contacted if you wish to avail of these services.

Support Available

Ataxia Ireland can provide help and support to the ataxia families in Ireland and to the medical people who serve these families through the following:

  • Providing information on all aspects of the condition
  • A network – Ataxia Ireland provides a forum in which suffers and families can meet.
  • Accommodation and Amenities – Ataxia Ireland helps some of its victims whose circumstances make it difficult for them to adapt to the restricted world of the disabled. Ataxia Ireland endeavours to provide them with the necessary facilities to overcome some of their physical problems, and make their lives more meaningful.
  • Financial Advice/Support – Advice is given in relation to financial and other benefits to which families are entitled.
  • Medical expertise - Apart from the help and information available from Ataxia Ireland, the family doctor may wish to call upon the services of a number of other experts to help manage the condition.
  • Respite – Ataxia Ireland hosts an annual respite break for its Ataxia Members in Ireland and it also arranges individual Respite Breaks for its members and their carers.
  • Social Activities – Ataxia Ireland arranges social outings and opportunities for social interactions for its members.

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Dr Christine Albertyn Introduction This rare degenerative condition is named after Nicholaus Friedreich, a German professor of medicine, who first described it in 1863 as “degenerative atrophy of...

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